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acne problems

Posted: 512 days ago

I came to Peter because I am finding no cure... For more than 15 years I have been struggling with a persistent adult acne. I have tried all traditional medicine, including roaccutane (isocural) treatment, which is considered the most effective for adult acne of all. Only a year after that treatment, rashes of acne always came back on my jawline and stayed, regardless the external effort of applying creams or observing diets. I had 1 healing session with Peter and visible result came in about two weeks or so after it. My very inflamed and painful acne started to subside, calm down and no longer painful. It is not entirely cured yet, but apart from the healing session I did not really change much in my habits or practices, so I believe that the healing helped a lot. I am very thankful to Peter and I hope gradually I will be able to heal fully.

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