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Posted: 523 days ago

For a while i was suffering from general anxiety and Panic attacks. It was a heavy weight on my shoulders which i was carrying with me. Anxiety paralised me and it shut down my openness and my feeling of groundedness or safety... So i asked Peter for help. It is now the 4th time i was visiting him. It was always a very interesting transformational experience. Every time i thought i needed some help from the outside i asked him for help.

So this time i was having a hard time because of my panic attacks and i really thought i could use some help. Before i came to Peter, i was suffering from it every day. We had an interesting chat and we talked about my anxiety. After that it is time for the fireritual. It is always quiet an experience. I felt very Alive when i was in the tipi with him. I could feel that there was a lot of energy in that place. It felt like a warm Sacred space to be in. When the ritual is over it always leaves an impression on you. It feels like you have experienced something special. It is not always easy to comprehend what has happend, but that is not so important. It Will have An effect on your Being.

After that experience i felt a weird shift in my Being. I didnt had any Panic attacks since then. I felt new energy and that was a little bit weird in the beginning. Normally i was having strong feelings and i got scared. Now i still have strong feelings, but i don't become scared. I stay strong and close to myself.

I'm very thankful for the help i got from Peter in the times i needed it the most.

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