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Divine Support

Posted: 538 days ago

I am eternally grateful for the healing Peter has sent my family and I. I have been practicing meditation for nearly ten years now and Asana for longer. It just seemed at times that I, after all the work I do for my betterment on a daily basis; there was a certain aspect that I failed to grasp. Ofcourse meditation has its merits and it must be practiced daily, yet i seemed that I was missing some important thread of my practice, and yes I have steadily grown over the past several years, however I was still bitter and unforgiving of the world and those I knew best. I know in my heart that Peter helped me move forward, and not just myself but those around me we certainly influenced in a powerful and good manner. I have worked with some of the best healers on the planet, and I know in the core of my being that he is one of the sincere and honest healers on this plane....thank youy good friend, namaste.

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