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Healed more than I thought was possible

Posted: 544 days ago

I met with Peter for the first time, in a meet and greet skype meeting. What a delight it was to chat with him. I have been normally quite uncomfortable interacting with people in general, and yet the way he spoke to me, made me feel completely at ease to be myself.

He asked me all about my questions, and about my health, and I noticed he was listening very carefully as I spoke. He imparted a great deal of information and advice that I later applied, and would soon discover how it would all work for me in measurable ways.

Then, to my surprise, he said he would do a distance healing as well. I was not expecting this.
The rapid change I have experienced is real and measurable. I'm in awe about this. I had been experiencing a huge kind of block in my energy field for decades. I felt dissociated, and as though half of me was out of commission, and I suffered from chronic fatigue. What I didn't tell him was that I have kept myself socially isolated since I had also completely lost the capacity for that.

It has only been a week and a half since the healing, and I feel like my old self, only better. I know this change is real because I feel the excited bit of anxiety that is normal when change happens, which is another thing I haven't felt for decades. Peter anticipated this, and already set me up to manage the changes to my mind, emotions and body. And there have been many.

These are the kind of changes that I couldn't manage myself with all the self-help, therapy, diets, meditation, spirituality and exercises I had been trying over the years. While I may have gained some small improvements here and there, I now see that what I most needed was not to be found in a self help book, positive affirmation or even a silent mind. It turns out I had some very negative energy attached to me for a very long time, and it needed to be healed and released. I thought the whole world was dark, but it was just something shrouding me and weighing me down with the weight of an anvil.

After this healing done by Peter, I have been suddenly, and naturally connecting and socializing with others. My enjoyment and affection for people and children is back. I actually feel empathy again. My mind is getting creative visions and ideas. I pulled out my guitar, and paints. I cleaned, organized, and decorated for the holidays. I catch myself with simple cheerful thoughts, and feelings of looking forward to everyday things, and keep catching myself smiling or singing for no reason. My energy is back too. I keep feeling like I need to go for a hike or swim. I also noticed that most of my sentences start with 'I feel', rather than 'I think'. None of this was remotely possible just two weeks ago, and for too many years to count.

And here all I thought we were going to do in the meet and greet was have a little chat to get to know each other. By the way, he told me he was going to do the gentle version of healing for me, which is the part that puts me in awe, because I feel that I will be processing the abundance of positive changes from this healing for the weeks and months to come :)
I am super grateful to Peter, and I am excited to learn more from him in the future.

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