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Baby healed from negativ energy and bad sleep

Posted: 287 days ago

When my baby was about 3 months old, some event happened with a very negativ spirit/energy that jumped on me and my son coming from a close friend.
This happened while she was telling about her problematic relationship at that moment, after that her relationship got new life.
(Something I would never expose my son to anymore and I regret not to hav be more carefull but good for her...)
After that, this energy stayed around us for months, even I did many things to get it out of us, still it was attached to my babyboy.
I contacted Peter and he helped my boy to Get completely rid of the external energy and symptoms that were related to that.
He started to have better sleep, his eyes lighted up and got rid of a ‘grrr’broom sound that every time he did it, it gave me chills.
I’m grateful to Peter and the healing spirits.

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