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Cured from dysplasia in esophagus

Posted: 300 days ago

It has been confirmed three times in the past year that a small part of my esophagus was covered with intestinal mucosa instead of esophageal mucosa (the so-called Barrett esophagus). This is usually the result of years of reflux (due to the gastric valve that does not close completely, causing gastric acid to flow back and affect the esophagus).
The analysis of three different biopsies done during three gastroscopies (over a period of about one and a half years) confirmed that there was at least low-grade and probably high-grade dysplasia in that mutated mucous membrane (the last stage before esophageal cancer is mentioned).
I didn't know Peter personally yet, but I did know his brother John, and his numerous youtube presentations. I gathered my courage and went for a healing.
Peter is a very accessible person, I immediately felt at ease, dared to ask and say anything... So it was only logical that I would see if a healing session could help.
And yes, when in October 2020 the Barrett part of my esophagus was removed and thoroughly analysed, there was no trace of dysplasia any more. There was still a Tumour Marker - which means there was something in the past, but the dysplasia was gone.
I can only say that it is certainly worth giving Peter the chance to heal you. It has worked for me, and I will certainly continue with other issues.

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