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Amazing healing & coaching!

Posted: 386 days ago

Peter helped me a lot with his healing and coaching.
Through his coaching, I finally make peace with myself after a life of internal battles, and I started to put my life in order after years of being lost. And his healing is capable to heal things like my symptoms of bipolar disorder really fast.
It's pretty amazing what such heal energies can do. Peter is on the other side of the globe and yet such energies can touch me easily.
Peter is, no doubt at all, a very incredible human being. I only knew him through his videos and books, which are amazing. The first time I read his "The Yoga of Truth" was enough to see that his knowledge is something very above any expectation. A real genius, because he is able to share in such a simple way a very high knowledge.
So, I was astonished by his teachings for years, and with several confirmations of what he talks about just following his methods of meditation and sadhana. And this year I became aware of his healing. An incredible tool on the same level of his intelligence.
Like I said before, I have these symptoms of bipolar disorder following me for a long time. I already made so much trying to handle this condition. It appears as something that I just cannot defeat. I learned through the years to stop the "mental depression" because I could fall and fall in memories and negativeness. Even though, the physical aspect of it returns again and again, and I become very weak. I cannot do anything in that state. But even being so powerful such depression, it vanishes so easily with the healing of Peter.
I hope many more people can be astonished by Peter like I was several times.
I feel very blessed to have his help on my way!

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