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Peter's healing

Posted: 435 days ago

When I enter Peter's puja room, I feel a clear presence, a fine atmosphere of energies, eager to serve.

I came here with not too much expectations, since I healed a lot of my 'problems' myself by contemplation and meditation. I also dived deep into Ramana Maharshi's philosophy and asked myself a lot 'who am I?'I found out that all of those problems we as human beings have, have nothing to do with our souls, but with our identification with who we are as human beings. I even sort of integrated this insight and feel quite in balance.

Anyway, even though I had (and still have) a good insight in what causes those "troubles", I still felt something was holding me back to go the full way, also to speak out from that place, where I am who I Am as a soul. I didn't know what it was and didn't found it by searching it myself. By meditation, I cleared my mind and dived deep into who I am, but still... That was the reason why I gave Peter's healing a try.

So, the healing atmosphere filled up my aura when I entered the puja room yet. I felt this 'presence'; a very soft energy, full of unconditional love, eager to help me further on, as it was saying 'Be at ease, just let yourself submerge... I'm here for you.' So I closed my eyes and let myself submerge into Peter's healing rituals with prayers, enscens, an egg, healing light and felt some things happen in my aura, mostly at the height of the throat chakra and third eye. I felt how I consciously let go all mind control and gave my energies in the 'healing energy' of Peter and mostly of his deity/deities since I felt their smoothing presence.

After the healing, heading home in my car, I was really into euphoria, a feeling of spiritual 'homecoming'. That is the place where I want to be, this soft spiritual energy. I was so full of energy and slept not that much that night. I got up, very awake, at 4 o'clock in the morning and recited the Gayatri mantra till 6 o'clock. Felt so good!

The following day, I didn't feel like 'going into the world.' I wanted to keep this energy, still feeling so close, during this day. I felt that it still worked through and that this was also really the purpose. I just opened up to anything that I felt and just let things happen.

Strangely, the following days, circumstances, things I dreamt of since a very very long time, came my way, out of the blue. It was/is still astonishing. I myself had nothing to do with them as they came to me as sort of a present. After a week now, I still experience that beautifully opening up to anything coming my way, speaking up, not my mind, but my soul. Yesterday, someone even told me I emit light.

What I felt was still holding me back, now feels as being released. Peter's healing definitely opened up a place, an energy, not that easy to put in words... It all feels very subtle, but still very strong. It's like my daily circumstances folds themselves around these fine, released energies now. Everyday, I receive small proofs some strong work has been done during this healing session.

I feel so grateful to Peter, to his healing session and mostly to his deities, for I feel they do all the work. (Sorry Peter!;-)) Peter, with all his love to mankind, makes it happen as he offers his energy/energies to do the work, to let his deities do the work through him. Namasté. Ram Ram.

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