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Special and powerful experience

Posted: 706 days ago

I found Peter few years ago by “chance”, while searching for videos on meditation and yoga on YouTube... I loved his videos on various topics - I loved the way he spoke with so much wisdom and knowledge, yet so understandable and easy to relate to. I loved how unpretentious he was... somehow I was able to immediately hear him and trust.
After few years of following and learning from his videos, earlier this year I decided to reach out to Peter and to schedule private coaching sessions over Facebook messenger. I love our conversations - I always learn so much about myself and my world and my place in it by talking to him. He has a way of expressing himself in a very special way - never pointing fingers at you, but always able to make you observe yourself and your actions and how they affect your life and the people around you. After 10 sessions, I decided to go visit Peter in Belgium, so in July, I took my husband and son and we visited Ghent. I was lucky to do a one-on-one healing with Peter - a powerful cleansing experience. Peter gives a lot of himself and his energy to help others and to perform these healings. The experience was like no other. Hard to explain... I went in there feeling a constant heaviness in my chest - the sign of anxiety and stress, of a busy contra you worrying mind... and left light and free. I highly recommend Peter’s healings to anyone that needs simple balancing or is struggling with physical and/or mental condition. Peter is able to get to the root of it all and inspire and ignite change.
Of course, while I do believe he is a miracle worker, the main thing that I have learned from Peter is that I need to take responsibility and do the work on taking care of my soul and body myself as well. Peter is an excellent meditation teacher, he would share various ways in which one can continue to work on its own balance and self love.
Thank you, Peter, for
Your kindness, patience, wisdom and generosity!!

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